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PC 365 ( Simon )

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I wrote this song after I joined my first Faslane 365 Blockade at Britain`s Nuclear Submarine Base in Scotland. I subsequently performed it at 2 blockades in 2007, mainly to amuse the Strathclyde Police on duty at the time. It`s written with genuine affection for those particular coppers, who mainly seemed to be in political agreement with the blockaders, (like most Scottish citizens). I`ve also sung it to other Police lines since, in other locations. It reflects my belief that the world will only truly be able to change for the better on the day that rank and file police officers are prepared to put what they know to be right above the orders of their political masters. If coppers who are already thinking this way can build a genuine independent union within the police, that day will be much closer.

PC 365 (Tune trad. The Deserter/Radcliffe Highway)

When first I enlisted, I did it with honour
Injustice to fight and the peace to maintain.
Now I`m standing here like some glorified bollard,
Once more at the gates on the road to Faslane.

Each morning we come here to block the blockaders
Defending the terror deployed in our name;
Folk who joined the Polis to make the world safer
Now paid to stop other folk doing the same.

But if there can be WMD here in Scotland,
Why not in Korea? Why not in Iran?
The world`s greatest war crime`s preparing to happen,
And we`re standing here to make sure that it can.

With hospitals failing and street stabbings daily
And climate change stayin` at the top o` the news
Westminster still wants a wedge out of my wages
To spend on a weapon they never can use.

And if they should use them, what is there to say?
And how to square that with where I stand today?
I`m just 23 and I want to have children...
I`ll not keep the peace for them policing this way.

I whip out my cuffs and lock onto a lorry,
My colleagues all staring like I am insane.
Then one by one slowly they break ranks to join me
On the PC 365 blockade of Faslane

Protesters ecstatically reach for their mobiles
Broadcasting the news to the planet at large
Where the statement I issued is widely reported:
`For health and for safety, we had to take charge.`

Now doors open for me, and medals adorn me
And millions applaud me for letting them live...
When the daydream is broken by words harshly spoken
Sayin` `Look alive, 365 time to change shift!`

Theo, 5th June 2007 ( power of the word blockade)

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