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Rich Whistance

Rich Whistance

I have been with Seize the Day since I came back from an organic small-scale farming 'WWOOF' tour of Canada in 1999.

I am a keen environmentalist, forester and peace activist since 1992 (and I really love growing chillies).

I went to Salford University to do a performing arts degree but ended up leaving after a year because my lecturer made me cut my long hair when playing the part of a cocaine dealer – I explained that such dealers usually have long hair (tied in a ponytail like in Miami vice) – he disagreed– I've been a rebel against oppression ever since.

In the main I am a lover of nature and now because there are so many of us its time we all woke up to social justice beyond the limitations of the current capitalist consumer model.

Walking and exploring woodlands and the simple pleasure of the wind is all I really need … then there is good food lovingly prepared and nature's apothecary of herbal experience to enjoy.

Rich Playing a Bodhran

As a strong believer of organic and heritage food security I was once arrested for preventing the planting of some GM T25 Maize in Dorset. This maize was shown to disorientate bees – we have to do all we can to save bees. No bees = no food.

Personally I don't think its ok to get up people’s nose for every little reason because it is more useful to be finding common ground – going green isn’t a lifestyle choice, it’s a necessity

But my view is that if something is really important to you and yours, if you truly love what is under threat or care about what is unjust ( and if you are willing to take the consequences ) then direct action is totally justified to act against that oppression.

I always follow the witch's law of 'harm no-one' (but that's not to say you can't shake things up)


Lastly a huge kiss for my dear Lou Lou who is my world and fellow ‘south park’ lover (who also likes chillies)


Rich Dancing GnT Rich Rich

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